I love my teaware almost as much as I love the tea itself. There’s nothing better than a well-seasoned teacup or teapot from which to drink a beautiful tea. In addition, I use special spoons, kettles, and infusors.

Here is a list of what I use and where you can get some of them. All external links open in a new tab.

Cuisinart CPK-17C Programmable Kettle

You can steep your tea to any perfect temperature with this kettle, and keep it warm for periods of time. It’s a lot less expensive than the Breville kettles and is just as good. I use it every single day and absolutely love it. I won’t use another kettle, if I can help it. Essential for any tea drinker.


DavidsTea 18oz steeper

This amazing little treasure gives your tea room to breathe. It really maximizes the flavours you get in your tea. You can get steepers like these from a multitude of places in all different shapes and sizes. I never steep tea without this anymore, unless I need more than a cup, in which case I use the teapot.


Hand-thrown tea mug with lid

I got this from the local pottery guild a few years ago and it’s been my go to tea mug ever since. It gets washed out with water and no soap once in awhile, usually if I have a tea with milk in it. I don’t think the tea stains will ever come out, but that adds to the charm.


Davids Perfect Teaspoon

Measures out a perfect cup of tea.



Generic teapot with tea cosy

I made the tea cosy out of a cotton yarn so that it doesn’t felt when hot water lands on it. It helps keep the tea warm longer. I also have a stand with space for a tea light, but the tea is consumed so quickly in this house, it’s seldom necessary. I got this teapot years ago from Homesense or Winners. I don’t think they carry this design anymore. If you contact me, I can make you a custom tea cosy. Let’s talk! I love to knit.

Teacup with porcelain infusor

A beautiful gift from my friend Sam, years ago. It was my go to teacup until I got the new one. It’s something I break out when I have guests and we all drink tea. I also have a similarly shaped teacup with year of the monkey, which I keep at my local comic book store so I can be a tea snob there, too.


Davids Tea matcha set

Includes a perfect matcha teaspoon, a bamboo whisk, and a traditional matcha bowl to make yourself a perfect up of delicious, frothy matcha.


Traditional Japanese teapot and cups

I received this as a gift over ten years ago and I use it when I serve a meal that pairs well with pure tea. It doesn’t hold a lot of tea, but the teacups are clearly smaller, so a little goes a long way. It’s thick-walled and keeps everything nice and toasty.


Clear Perfect Mug

I have tons of teacups, but I like this one so I can watch blossoming tea, or if I want to check the clarity of a tea.


Hand thrown tea mug

This beautiful mug was hand thrown by my lovely friend Cindy and gifted to me at Christmas several years back. It’s my favourite hot chocolate mug, but also suits a smaller cup of tea very well. It fits perfectly in cupped hands on a chilly day.