Toronto Tea Festival

Today was day one of the Toronto Tea Festival and the vendors were absolutely wonderful! I tried all sorts of teas from matcha to oolong to pu’erh, and even met vendors with non tea items that were related to tea. After taking two hours to sample the entire room, I spent my limited budget on a few very…

Butterfly Jasmine

An incredible aromatic tea, beautiful in its simplicity. Purchased at DavidsTea.

Peach Momotaro Flowering Tea

Watch this beautiful tea blossom before your eyes. Peach Momotaro is a beautiful flowering tea from Teavana. It takes five minutes for the teamakers to tie them into a ball and less than that to steep and bloom. It’s a highly premium tea that I luckily managed to pick up on sale during Boxing Week. I hope…

Kashmiri Chai

This review is from December 23rd and the featured tea is Kashmiri Chai, an organic kosher tea. This is a beautiful, spiced tea which warms your insides and makes you want to sip faster.