Tea Storage

Greetings, Tea Believers! Do you have a cupboard full of tea, but it’s all mixed together? Are you looking for a new storage solution? This video outlines a very quick and easy way to store your tea. It costs about $25 for my specific setup, but everyone’s collection varies. IKEA boxes (TJENA) Stickers (you cut…

Matcha March – Mixing Matcha

Here is the kickoff to Matcha March. The Ateaeist mixes matcha like a heathen and then turns it into a latte. Witchcraft!

Matcha March

Coming this month: Several reviews about matcha, matcha preparation, matcha recipes, and more!

Imperial Golden Monkey

Genuine Tea brings a wonderful lingering flavour with Imperial Golden Monkey.  Here is the review!

Recipe: Matcha Latte

Recipe credit: https://www.japancentre.com/en/recipes/16-matcha-green-tea-latte-hot-or-iced I made this latte this morning and it is easily the best thing I’ve had to drink all week. I think it may become a Sunday tradition. Creamy, sweet, frothy, and retains that lovely matcha flavour. I’m considering picking up some flavoured matcha to try different kinds. I’ll make a video sometime of the preparation of the latte.  …

Houji Kukicha

What a great tea! Caffeine-free, roasty, smooth, and without bitterness. Watch the review below! Get this tea at their site