High Mountain Tea

Nestled on a little side street in Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario is a tiny tea shop called High Mountain Tea. It is literally so tiny, you can miss it with the blink of an eye. It’s located at 160 Baldwin Street, right across from the parking garage, and once you find it, you are in for a real treat.

The immediate feeling that you get when you enter this gem of Kensington is a warm and rustic cubby. You walk past the cash and to a sunken area in which you will find shelving with all their teas and a beautifully distressed picnic table at which you can try your tea and take in the environment.

I had the misfortune of coming in just as the tea shop was closing, but the proprietor was kind enough to allow me to take a bunch of pictures and laud his shop! He had three giant tea cakes out on the table and the smell of it was amazing. We both took pictures of them. I was secretly salivating and loved the setup on his table.

We had met previously at the Toronto Tea Festival, where I had taken pictures of his lonely teapot, and the tea I had sampled that day was beautiful.

I hope to visit the shop again when I have more time, and perhaps I’ll walk away with a gorgeous new tea, and hopefully more pictures, as my phone died on me mid-photo shoot.

You can find High Mountain Tea on Facebook or at their website.

If you live in Toronto and happen to be in Chinatown or Kensington, I highly recommend you pop into this gorgeous location and enjoy a cup of tea.

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