Tea Storage

Greetings, Tea Believers! Do you have a cupboard full of tea, but it’s all mixed together? Are you looking for a new storage solution? This video outlines a very quick and easy way to store your tea. It costs about $25 for my specific setup, but everyone’s collection varies. IKEA boxes (TJENA) Stickers (you cut…

Matcha March

Coming this month: Several reviews about matcha, matcha preparation, matcha recipes, and more!

New Review Coming Soon

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy with my day job of professional artist, so I’ve not had time to do a review. In fact, I’ve not been drinking a lot of tea. Sacrelig, I know. I’ll post something soon, if not today. Right now, the watermain busted in my condo complex, so we need to wait for…

High Mountain Tea

Nestled on a little side street in Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario is a tiny tea shop called High Mountain Tea. It is literally so tiny, you can miss it with the blink of an eye. It’s located at 160 Baldwin Street, right across from the parking garage, and once you find it, you are in…

Toronto Tea Festival

Today was day one of the Toronto Tea Festival and the vendors were absolutely wonderful! I tried all sorts of teas from matcha to oolong to pu’erh, and even met vendors with non tea items that were related to tea. After taking two hours to sample the entire room, I spent my limited budget on a few very…

Kashmiri Chai

This review is from December 23rd and the featured tea is Kashmiri Chai, an organic kosher tea. This is a beautiful, spiced tea which warms your insides and makes you want to sip faster.

New Reviews Soon

Hi Everyone! With the kids back in school, I should be able to get back into the groove of reviewing tea. In the meantime, I’ve catalogued my entire collection of loose leaf tea. Check it out in the tea cupboard.